Best Firm Innerspring Mattress Reviews

8 Best Firm Innerspring Mattress Reviews 2021

Mattresses are often viewed as being one-size fits all. Firm innerspring mattresses, however, can be the best option for people that weigh more than 230 pounds or who have back and stomach sleepers. The firm feel helps prevent sinkage in multiple areas such as on your neck and spine which could lead to pressure points over time if left untreated.

Mattress companies typically promote their beds based on what they believe is “the most comfortable” soft mattress material but this may not always work for every person’s body type due to weight distribution concerns. For example: A 240 pound individual might better benefit from a firmer bed that allows them proper support while sleeping instead of sinking too far into a plush or other softer mattress. 

Top Picks for Firm Innerspring Mattress

1. Avenco Hybrid Mattress Full, 12 Inch Firm Innerspring and Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Avenco Mattress has been re-engineered to provide you with the support and comfort that your body needs. With 5 zones of independent pocketed innerspring design, each zone provides targeted back support for a more comfortable sleep experience. The edge supports ensure that there is no slippage on the full size mattress while sleeping – so say goodbye to those annoying mornings when you wake up at an awkward angle because someone rolled over during their sleep!

Avenco innerspring mattress is outlined with a gel-soaked foam that helps keep you cool throughout the night. Gel naturally adjusts your temperature to give you an even sleep, and moms can finally rest easy knowing their children will be able to stay warm or cool no matter what the season brings.

The Avenco 12 inch full size mattress is a perfect option for those looking to find relief from back pain and joint inflammation with its pillow top design. All the foam in the firm bedding are CertiPUR-US certified, so you know they’re eco friendly too! With four layers of comfort that ensures your body gets just what it needs.

  • 100 night trial period plus 10 years limited warranty.
  • Relief from back pain and joint inflammation.
  • Bed in a box packaging may be difficult to pass and could end in destruction.
  • Firmness level is very firm, so it may not be ideal.

2. Modway Jenna 10” Twin Innerspring Mattress

The firm innerspring mattress from Modway features 10 inches of support with a foam overlay to provide you with the comfort that your body needs. This hybrid product is unique in that it uses an all foam 10 inch thick top layer and 8 inch firm bottom layer. This allows the sleeper to get just what they need while also maintaining individual feel on their own side of the bed!

Modway’s Firm Innerspring mattress is extremely durable which makes it ideal for long term use – plus weighing below 70 pounds, this mattress set can move and be positioned throughout your home without any problems! The Firm Mattress also features casters on one end so you can tuck in sheets easily when needed – perfect for getting beds ready at different times of the day.

  • Sturdy for all body sizes.
  • Pressure-free sleep.
  • The casters allow you to move your mattress easily – perfect for people with busy lifestyles, or who need the occasional spot changed.
  • May not fit in smaller spaces.

3. Linenspa 6-Inch Innerspring Mattress

The Linenspa 6-Inch Innerspring Mattress is a cosy, reassuring option for growing and developing bodies. This mattress will fit your box springs or slatted bed frame easily, with the perfect amount of firmness to help you sleep without any discomfort.

As kids grow up from toddlers into children they need more support during their growth spurts and this particular innerspring has just what it takes! It’s not too hard but also provides plenty of comfort that every kid needs as he develops his own style while still trying to find his feet (literally). Allowing an extra 48 hours after unpacking means less time spent on waiting around when all these kids want are seconds – so quit delaying those late night romps by ordering today.

  • Firmness level is just right.
  • The 48-hour expansion time allows for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Box packaging may be difficult to pass and could result in breakage.

4. Kingsdown Passions Aspiration Firm Mattress

Designed specifically for those who spend a lot of time on their backs, the Kingsdown Firm Mattress is just what you need to wake up refreshed and ready to go. Featuring Firmness level is just right, this bedding provides excellent support for your body at all times so that no matter how much you toss and turn in the middle of the night, you’ll have just enough give to be comfortable but not put too much pressure on any one area.

While Kingsdown firm mattress features a high-quality innerspring coil system designed for long term use, it’s also completely recyclable! Made from eco friendly materials that are free of harmful chemicals – rest easy knowing your new Firm Mattress meets strict standards and is a safe option for you to choose!

  • Recyclable and toxic-free.
  • Excellent support for back sleepers.
  • A bit expensive.

5. Zutan, 9-Inch Medium Firm Foam Encased Pillowtop Pocketed Coil Innerspring Mattress

The Firm Innerspring mattress from Zutan is the perfect solution for every home looking to find an all-around great bedding option. The Firm Firmness level is exactly right, not too firm and not too soft – the Coil System works together with this Firm Mattress’ foam coverings to provide firm support while also being easy on your joints and back.

Your mattress will be ready to use as soon as you unfold it from the box. It’s specially designed with handles and wheels that are perfect for moving your new bed around, which means no heavy lifting required.

  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • Curved sides – Firm Firmness level is just right Firm Support.
  • Free trials are not provided.

6. Spinal Solution 14-Inch Firm Double sided Tight top Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

The Firm Mattress from Spinal Solution provides the perfect solution for everyone in your home. It’s Firm Firmness level is just right – not too soft, so you won’t feel like you’re sinking into a big pile of jello when you get out of bed and not too hard that it will be painful to roll over during sleep!

This mattress has been completely designed with your best interests in mind, which means less pain and more comfort as well as easier movements throughout the night. Plus, this Firm Mattress features a tighter top which also helps prevent sagging. The support is excellent, providing the perfect amount of pressure relief without compromising on strength or durability through regular use by heavier individuals such as children or adults.

  • Firm Firmness level is just right Firm Support.
  • Tight top prevents sagging.
  • Memory foam might not be so great for people with allergies or asthma.

7. Treaton, 13-Inch Firm Foam Encased Eurotop Pillowtop Innerspring Mattress

This mattress from Treaton features a Firm Firmness level which comes with the perfect balance of pressure relief and support for finding your most comfortable position during sleep.

But why stop there? This Firm Mattress also comes with a unique design featuring an extra layer of foam right under the covers. This special feature offers enhanced comfort and helps to relieve pressure points, which makes it perfect even for those who love to spend hours tossing and turning in bed or engaging in regular physical activity before falling asleep – you’ll still feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud when you wake up!

This mattress is manufactured using American-made materials and is completely free of any toxic chemicals which means you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your mattress is completely safe!

  • Toxic-free.
  • Helps relieve pressure points for a better night’s sleep. :
  • Memory foam might not be so great for people with allergies or asthma.

8. Jacia House Twin Mattress 11.4 Inch Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

The Firm Firmness level of this mattress from Jacia House is just perfect for finding your most comfortable position during sleep. This mattress features a tighter top which helps prevent sagging. The support is excellent, providing the perfect amount of pressure relief without compromising on strength or durability through regular use by heavier individuals such as children or adults. Plus, the Innerspring Mattress from Jacia also comes with an extra layer of memory foam right under the cover – this special feature offers enhanced comfort and helps you to relieve pressure points throughout the night.

The Pillow Top is the perfect combination of cosy and class sleep experience. Its Belgian premium soft breathable knitted fabric cover, fireproof cotton felt, and high-density memory foam are sure to keep you comfortable with natural touch while providing a restful night’s sleep. When shipped compressed in an Oxford cloth bag it arrives at your doorstep ready for use within 48-72 hours or faster depending on weather conditions such as cold winter air that will affect decompression time but thankfully not its luxurious feel!

  • Toxic-free
  • Helps relieve pressure points
  • It may take up to a week for the Mattress To Expand If It’s In Cold Weather.

Features to Consider for buying Best Firm Innerspring Mattress

Motion Isolation

If you share a mattress, good motion isolation reduces the chance that your partner’s movements will wake you up. A firmer mattress with less contouring transmits more movement but can be mitigated by interior materials like foam or memory foam mattresses which are often considered “no-flip” options because they provide support at every point of contact so there is no need to flip them over for even wear and tear across their surfaces.


A mattress firmness level refers to how soft or hard the bed feels. Firm mattresses are best for heavier users, back and stomach sleepers, and people who prefer a firmer grip on their beds. Soft Mattress Firm Firmness levels may be more comfortable for light-weight side sleepers, but can sometimes lead to pressure sores or joint pain when used by heavier individuals.

 Firmness options range from soft, medium, firm and even super firm. The same mattress in different models can vary in Firm Firmness levels which is why it’s important to try out each level before you decide on a particular Firm Firmness level that will best suit your body type and personal preferences.

 Firmness is affected by the weight distribution of the mattress and Firm Firmness levels can vary based on your body type, weight and preferred sleeping position. 

Pressure Relief

A Firm Innerspring Mattress with good pressure relief allows you to sleep without any pain or discomfort as it distributes your body weight evenly over its surface which makes these levels ideal for side sleepers and anyone who wakes up with back or joint pain after a night of sleeping.

 Firm Firmness levels can be especially helpful for those who suffer from medical conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis and some types of back injuries that may lead to inflammation during the course of the day.  Firm mattresses with more contouring distribute your weight better, but also compress easier than firmer options due to their increased flexibility. Firm Firmness levels provide optimal pressure relief by combining support and slight contouring into one convenient package! You’ll feel the Firm Firmness in action when you wake up and find that your back, neck or joints feel a lot less tense than they usually do.


 Firm Firmness levels can vary widely in price depending on the materials that are used to produce them and where you decide to purchase them from. These mattresses are made by many different manufacturers and some of them offer a wide range of Firm Firmness level options that may be more affordable than others. Firm Firmness level options cover a wide range of prices, but their features should never be sacrificed just for the sake of cost savings! A firmer mattress is more supportive, longer-lasting and typically made with higher quality materials which makes it a more worthwhile investment in the long run.

Sleeping Position

Firm Firmness levels work best for back and stomach sleepers, but side sleepers should look at alternatives like medium or soft Firm Firmness levels which are best for light-weight individuals that don’t weigh too much. Firm Firmness level options are often the most supportive, but a softer Firm Firmness level can provide optimal pressure relief without sacrificing quality support if you’re looking to avoid back pain and tension during the day.

Edge Support

Firm Firmness levels are generally contouring and therefore more forgiving than medium levels, but their lack of rigidity means that they don’t have the same level of edge support as these levels which can sometimes cause sleepers to feel like they’re falling off the edges. The level options provide optimal edge support thanks to the thicker borders around their surfaces which also improve overall durability and longevity.  Firm mattresses with higher border heights won’t compress under pressure as easily as the levels allowing you to sit comfortably on them without feeling any give beneath your weight.


Sinkage refers to how far into the mattress your body will sink during a normal lying position and is heavily dependent on mattress levels. Firm Firmness level options sink deeper into the mattress than soft Firm levels, but less so than medium Firm levels as this compression is the result of weight distribution over a larger surface area. This slight sinking helps with pressure relief since your body will be slightly raised off the mattress which provides optimal support for your spine and joints from underneath! You’ll feel fully supported during sleep thanks to their ability to cradle you while you roll around without needing to worry about not feeling comfortable on them all night long.

Materials used

 Firm Firmness levels are often produced from higher quality materials than Firm level options because they’re designed to provide optimal support for sleepers who weigh more. The Firm level options are a great choice if you prefer the comfort of memory foam or other forms of pressure relief, but side sleepers should look at softer level options that are cheaper and more supportive overall.


 You will find that Firm mattress level options have a greater degree of durability due to their strength and lack of compression beneath heavier individuals! People who weigh above 250 pounds may want to look into these level options since they can hold up after years under many different body weights without needing any maintenance or repairs. Firm Firmness levels can also be longer-lasting due to their resistance to compression, but side sleepers should look at medium Firm Firmness levels which may have increased longevity compared with softer Firm Firmness level options!


Firm Inner-spring mattresses offer a great value and can still be on the affordable side, while also delivering high quality. Finding the best fitting mattress for your needs takes research so make sure to ask friends or family who have had positive experiences with their own purchases for advice before making any final decisions about which brand/seller to go with online. 

Pay special attention to customer reviews because they are an important indicator if there has been proper quality control by that particular company in order to ensure satisfaction from consumers just like anyone who wishes to sit comfortably on their bed during the day without sinking through, but people who weigh in excess of 250 pounds may not be apt to find a mattress that will provide them with adequate edge support. These levels are capable of contouring properly under weighted pressure which helps you to feel more supported. 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t find one that works for you, especially since firm mattresses are able to handle heavier body weights and provide optimal edge support! 

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