Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Reviews

9 Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Reviews 2021

Innerspring mattresses are a great way to ensure you wake up feeling rested and refreshed. They provide both comfort and support while laying on your back, so it’s easy for anyone to find the perfect fit. But what mattress is right for you? Many people say that when looking at innerspring, they need two things – softness or extra padding depending on your personal preference (between down feathers or more foam). If this sounds like something that will suit your needs then make sure not only to take note of its quality but also how well it fits with any other bedroom furniture items such as headboards

Innerspring mattresses offer stability by coming in specific sizes which means finding one may require some research- whether online reviews or through trial & error as different manufacturers will have different measurements for their mattresses.

Top Picks for Best Innerspring Mattress for Back

Sweetnight Full Size Mattress, 10 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress

The Sweetnight mattress is designed for a cool night’s sleep with its 5 zone system of gel infused memory foam to cradle you comfortably as your partner moves about freely. It’s also great for people who lie on their back.You’ll never toss and turn again thanks to this high comfort factor, which will also help regulate the temperature so it always feels breathable.

The strong airflow support core promotes circulation throughout the bed and prevents sagging over time too! This medium firmness design offers just enough soft cushioning without compromising on any spinal alignment or pressure relief in order that no one wakes up feeling sore from sleeping but can still get those deep uninterrupted hours restful sleep they deserve every day- even if not all at once per night.

This mattress is crafted with the best of materials for your night’s rest. The top layer holds 2 inches gel memory foam, while 4 inches ventilated comfort foam provides balanced support and eliminates motion disturbance at the bottom. These layers are combined with Sweetnight technology to make it breathable so you can sleep soundly all through the night!

 With the 30 night trial, there’s ample time to test out this new type of product while being protected by our 10 years hassle-free limited warranty in case something goes wrong during that period of time. They also include 24 hours/7 days professional after service support so that if anything does happen within those first few weeks or months, they’ll be able to assist quickly with any needs!

This modernized design uses all natural ingredients including organic cotton fabric cover and GOTS certified woolens inside layers which will give you peace from allergies caused by man made materials like polyester fibers.

  • Organic ingredients used.
  • Breathable.
  • Good customer service.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Nutan 14-Inch Firm Double sided Tight top Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

This is a 2 sided mattress which has two different firmness levels that can be flipped depending on preference. Innerspring mattresses are especially great for people who tend to like a firmer feel from their mattress while they sleep and the sturdiness can provide that support level while still providing a smooth surface feel.

RELAX IN COMFORT- the 396 innerspring verticoil and 13 ¾ SH Gauge unit and gauge border unit mattress provides a plush but supportive surface to help reduce pressure points while you fall asleep. The orthopedic type of this perfect level of support means that it not only supports your whole spine, but also gives enough comfort for an enjoyable sleep on your back. This luxurious feel is shipped fully assembled so all you have to do when opening up the box is enjoy.

Our hand-crafted mattresses are made with the finest quality materials in Brooklyn, New York. You’ll get a great night’s rest knowing that you’re getting something of unmatched durability and comfort from the MATTRESSES.

  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Supports the whole spine.
  • No assembling required.
  • It is a bit pricey.

Spinal Solution 14-Inch Firm Double sided Tight top Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

Sleep easy with the 357 Innerspring Verticoil and 13 ¾ SH Gauge Unit. It’s designed to support your body, reduce pressure points for better sleep quality, is Orthopedic Firm but still has some give so you’re always comfortable-not stiff!

This mattress also reduces back pain as it supports every inch of your spine so ideal for back sleepers. And don’t worry about any assembly; these mattresses are ready to use right out of the box without any hassle on our end. Plus they are manufactured in Brooklyn New York by people who care about making a high-quality product.

With a 10-year warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the mattress you bought will last for years to come.

  • Strong support and comfort.
  • Durable.
  • Easy assembling.
  • The trial period is not mentioned.

Nutan 12-Inch Medium Plush Double sided Pillowtop Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

357 Innerspring vertical coil and 13 ¾ SH gauge unit and 6-gauge border unit mattress shrinks pressure ends to help you fall napping more promptly.

THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF SUPPORT: The top mattress is Orthopedic Medium Plush that has some take for your easement, reducing back injury by holding up every fraction of your bone in the perfect position with a luxurious feel. Shipping fully assembled and ready for use! The mattresses are manufactured in Brooklyn, New York using premium materials so it’s guaranteed that’ll be the best sleep experience ever.

  • Good value.
  • Strong support and comfort.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • The trial period is not mentioned.

Suiforlun Queen Mattress – 12 Inch Luxury Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

You deserve a mattress that is as supportive and comfortable to you as your favourite pillow. With Suiforlun 12 inch hybrid, it’s never too late for the perfect bedding upgrade! This specially designed quilted memory foam of this super comfy futon has an infused cooling gel layer with 3-zone pocket springs support base so you can rest easy in comfort all night long without feeling pain or numbness from uneven body weight distribution at any time. The medium-firm feel makes sure your spine stays aligned while sleeping deeply throughout the entire night, perfect hit for the back sleepers – wake up refreshed on our highest quality sleep system yet!

The 768 coils work individually to decrease motion transfer, avoid roll-together, and provide deep down support where it’s most needed. Two rows of firmer coils are enclosed around the mattress border for consistent edge support, while the breathable cover and 3D spacer mesh fabric side panels promote airflow throughout the sleep surface, making all-foam bedding options feel cooler to the body.

Suiforlun is a hybrid queen mattress that does not need to be compressed, rolled and shipped in a box. With this option, you will have your new bed set up within minutes of unpacking it! The Oeko-Tex certified fabric ensures comfort and quality while the 120 risk-free nights trial gives customers plenty of time to decide if this is the right choice for them.

  • Reduces motion transfer.
  • Prevents roll-together.
  • Steady edge support.
  • Limited warranty.

Mattress Solution Gentle Firm Tight top Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

Ready for a better night’s rest? Made in the USA, this will give you 357 Innerspring vertical coil and 13 ¾ SH gauge unit and 6-gauge border unit mattress diminishes pressure areas to help you feel napping more easily,  making it ideal for back sleepers.

The top mattress is Orthopedic Medium Plush but still gives for your ease and reduces back trouble by supporting every fraction of your back. If that doesn’t suit your fancy we have another option: our medium plush bed might be just what was missing from an otherwise nice sleep routine!

This is fully assembled ready to use package ships anywhere within America with no assembly required on arrival at home – so don’t worry about not being able to assemble it when getting there or having to throw it away due to missing parts.

  • Fully assembled.
  • Reduces back pain.
  • Helps fall asleep quickly.
  • No trial period mentioned.

Continental Sleep Gentle Firm Tight top Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

The right way to describe Continental Sleep Innerspring mattress is as the perfect balance between a firm and a soft surface. Sleep is one of the predominant aspects  of a person’s life. Having an uneasy sleep can actually have negative effects on your well-being, but with this innovative mattress, you’ll be sleeping like a baby!

This Innerspring Classic mattress features unique horizontal Innerspring coils which are encased in multiple layers of foam for whatever type of sleeper you are. And this bedding set fits both twin and queen sizes. The 7″ coils provide ultimate comfort and support by reducing pressure points so that it becomes easier to fall asleep quickly. In addition, its orthopaedic properties not only allow it to reduce pressure points but also ensure that your spine remains in correct alignment while you’re sleeping deeply on your back throughout the entire night. Continental sleep Innerspring Mattress appears best suited for back sleepers because of its Orthopedic Medium Plush feel.

No assembly required, just open the box and get ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep on this top-of-the-line mattress. It is made in Brooklyn with premium materials for quality that can’t be beaten!

  • Ultimate comfort and support by reducing pressure points on your body.
  • Your spine will maintain the correct alignment.
  • No assembling required.
  • The tight top mattress is firm.

Continental Sleep Medium Plush Foam Encased Hybrid Eurotop Pillowtop Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

Orthopaedic Type mattresses are not for the light of heart. They’re designed to help you sleep without interruption, and they sure do deliver. A Euro Top medium plush mattress will give your back plenty of support while simultaneously reducing pressure points that may be affecting your spine alignment.

The Foam Encased design is perfect if you like a firmer surface with extra comfort in places where it counts most: on top (Pillow Top) or below (Memory Foam). These mattresses come highly recommended by doctors and chiropractors alike because their special construction provides relief from neck and back pain, which are often caused by an uneven sleeping surface.

Innerspring mattress comes ready for you to use as soon as it arrives in the box. It is effort-less to put up and even easier to maintain. In fact, Innerspring mattresses are more breathable than other types of bedding, so they don’t trap excess body heat. Innerspring beds come with a 10-year limited warranty for peace of mind!

  • Memory foam is on top and Innerspring is beneath.
  • Memory foam soothes the body.
  • Good for back pain relief.
  • Doesn’t come with a test period or return back policy.

Encased Hybrid Eurotop Pillowtop Memory Foam Gel Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

One of the best features of this mattress is that it’s made with only high-quality raw materials to ensure durability and practicality. The foam used has a higher density which makes for an extra durable, long-lasting product. Alongside its larger number of coil counts, these details make this bed both comfortable and supportive in all sleeping positions-back or side positions.

The Euro Top Pillow Like Layer: Another one of the favourite parts about Spring Air mattresses is their soft pillow top layers on top – perfect for those who want a more cushiony feel but also need orthopaedic support as well!

The foam encased edge support system gives your sleeping area more space which also provides a solid sitting surface for guests or family members during those long visits over summer break! With QUILTED CUSHION TOP fabric stitching that adds breathability, temperature regulation and fire retardant protection as well; not only does it feel like heaven on earth but now so is safer too.

  • High-quality raw materials are used.
  • Durable and Practical.
  • Cushiony feels to sleepers.
  • Orthopaedic support benefitted.
  • Lack of trial period or return policy.

Features to consider when buying mattress for back

Comfort Level

The amount of comfort that a mattress provides can be determined by the coils in it. If some parts are too far apart, or if you’re just uncomfortable with this type of bedding to start off with, then no matter how comfortable your pillow top is; there will still be times where you’ll toss and turn throughout the night because something won’t feel right.

Another important aspect about innerspring mattresses is the level of comfort offered for sleeping on them at different positions during sleep cycle periods like when lying down on one’s back versus stomach as well as side-sleeping position stands out from others. Different coil spacing near certain areas such as hips makes way for more support than usual while other spots might not even have any at all. In some cases, a mattress can appear comfortable during the trial period and when first purchased. But once you’ve owned it for a while then a year or so down the road, you’ll find that it wasn’t as comfortable as it looked or felt.


Comfortable sleep is important for a good night’s rest. It turns out that the upper region of your mattress provides more comfort than any other part! The cradling effect from this area takes the pressure off our bodies and allows us to change positions in bed without disturbing others sleeping nearby. There are two types of mattresses: single layer or multiple levels (such as feather toppers). Latex mattresses tend to be softer but provide an all-natural feel when you lay down on them while memory foam comprises chemicals that liquefy with body heat and take shape around your frame so you can enjoy long periods of comfortable sleep free from disturbance by tossing and turning throughout the night!


Innerspring mattresses might seem more expensive, but remember that the long-term investment you make in your mattress will be worth it! Stay up to date on what warranty is given with each purchase and find out how this can help protect you.

The warranties accompanying an innerspring bedding set tell us a lot about its benefits – for example, they let us know exactly when we’ll be eligible for replacement or repair of our mattress’ springs. It’s important to stay current so that we’re always protected by these rules which govern who should have responsibility for repairing defects and damages caused over time from regular use of our beds. In addition, the longer the warranty period is, then the more confidence you’ll have in knowing that your bedding will last a long time and therefore be worth the initial investment. Innerspring mattress warranties can last anywhere between 5 and 20 years!

Customer Reviews

There’s a lot to know about innerspring mattresses. You should take your time researching all the brands and styles so that you can make sure it is high quality, as well as find out where other customers like yourself have been referring their friends for more information on what will be best suited for them. Mattress Firm has reviews of top customer favourites which makes finding the right product easy!


This mattress is perfect for anyone looking to find a new bed! They have everything from memory foam mattresses, hybrid designs, and even innerspring. But with lots of possibilities out there it can be hard deciphering the differences between them all. Fortunately they make this process easy by educating their customers on what each type of mattress offers as well as any major concerns such as back support or affordability before you buy anything!

Innersprings are an excellent choice if you need something that will provide good back support while still remaining affordable but choosing one might seem like quite the task when faced with different brands offering very similar features at vastly different prices.

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