Best Innerspring Mattress for Side Sleepers

7 Best Innerspring Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews 2021

Your sleep is worth it! Innerspring mattresses are a great investment for your comfort. They provide support and cushioning, which means you’ll never wake up with aches or pains.

Innerspring mattresses have coils that provide both support and cushioning, ensuring a comfortable sleep. They also offer durability as the mattress size is stable for long-lasting comfort. Innersprings come in different shapes, sizes and densities which means finding what suits you best may take more than just looking at reviews online.

It really depends on personal preference whether someone prefers something softer such as down feathers whilst another would rather have extra padding when buying an innerspring mattress; make sure to examine its quality too!

Top Picks for Innerspring Mattress for Side Sleepers

Sweetnight Full Size Mattress, 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Full Mattress

This full-size mattress has 3 inches of cooling gel memory foam to assist and deprive body warmth, and an open room in the 3.5-inch middle layer aids air pass on in the foam mattress and prolong a fresh desire all through your night-time.

The 5.5-inch high-density foam serves as a powerful support base by keeping you from sinking too deep into the bed which can cause pressure on sensitive parts like your back or neck, preventing motion transfer between partners so that both parties get an undisturbed sleep all through their nights; it also provides enough rigidity for maximum comfort with its extra firm feels underfoot even when sleeping at awkward angles such as side sleeper position.

Memory foam mattresses are the best option for those who need a mattress that will adjust to your body weight and temperature. With Sweetnight’s 180lb-weighted, you can flip it over so no matter which side of the bed you sleep on – be sure to always keep one half as memory or supportive foam.

Foam mattresses are a perfect choice for those who want to have an eco-conscious and nontoxic mattress. Not only will you get the natural, harmless foam scent that dissipates in 3-5 days with ventilation but it’s also easy on your wallet too! Some people might see them as not being durable enough since they’re usually compressed during shipping so when unboxing and laying out the bed, do be careful of sharp corners or sharp articles nearby because this could puncture through its protective packaging.

The expansion process is pretty simple – all we need is 72 hours without moving around excessively (easing off heavy furniture). The material starts expanding slowly at first before reaching full size within 24 hours which means less time waiting to sleep soundly.

  • Maintain a cool feeling throughout your night.
  • Eco-friendly and toxic-free.
  • Affordable one.
  • Be careful of sharp corners or sharp articles nearby because this could puncture through its protective packaging.

Sleep Innovations Hudson Hybrid Cooling Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

With all the benefits memory foam has to offer, it’s easy to see why our King Size Hybrid Mattress is a favourite among sleepers. When you combine this with its cooling design and advanced airflow foam for cool breathable comfort plus motion isolation, not only are you getting one great mattress but two!

With an innovative hypoallergenic design that includes responsive memory foam and individually wrapped coils push up for better back alignment-you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this hybrid mattress before long.

Side sleepers, stomach or back loungers- there’s an eco-friendly mattress for you. Whether it be motion isolation, edge support and/or breathability that are key to your comfort, we have a product for you! Our memory foam mattresses (including our popular 10-year warranty), mattress toppers and pillows all include hypoallergenic qualities so whether allergies affect your sleeping habits or not – this company has got you covered from head to toe.

  • Advanced airflow foam.
  • Cool design.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Slight chemical smell.

Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Marley Company has a solution for side and hot sleepers with their 10-inch cooling gel memory foam mattress.

The polyester quilted cover is designed to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable all night long, thanks in part to its durable but soft construction that’s paired with 3 inches of Cooling Comfort Memory Foam on top. This combination relieves pressure points while also providing ample support throughout the day or evening as we so need it! Available in medium firmness (4 out of 5) and medium-firm options, this bed provides enough cushion underfoot without sacrificing solidity over time–and even better? It comes at a moderate  price range too!

With Eco-friendly memory foam mattresses, you will be able to sleep soundly with the knowledge that your mattress is also eco-friendly and good for the environment. Our hypoallergenic materials are perfect if you have allergies or sensitivities; regardless of whether side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper we have a natural product just right for you!

Hate waking up in pain? Get our 10-year warranty on all products where restful nights await.

  • Suitable for pain relief.
  • Easy to move around your home and durable.
  • Better sleep quality guaranteed.
  • Natural latex (or Latex) is hypoallergenic but not chemical-free.

Inofia Full Mattress,10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress in a Box

Our 10-inch Innerspring Hybrid Mattress combines the incredible comfort of memory foam with the classic support of innerspring for a truly comfortable experience. It’s even infused with graphite providing excellent support while protecting against body impressions that promote better sleep. The lightweight cover design incorporates soft, breathable materials to help you stay cool and dry throughout your nights.

The Inofia hybrid innerspring mattress has an edge over traditional mattresses. You won’t sink into it and stay there, staying hot all night long! The top cover is just as soft to the touch but also helps regulate your body temperature while sleeping on this bed because of its cooling technology that works with airflow. Even if you sleep like a side-sleeper or stomach sleeper, every position will be comfortable thanks to the side net cloth around each coil which relieves pressure points wherever they are placed beneath your hips and shoulders for cool comfort through the night!

Inofia’s Hybrid InnerSpring Mattress offers more than what most people need at their own home: less sinking into the beds surface means not only better back support but cooler nights with the airflow technology they boast about. It has a good number of coils and memory foam designed to help you sleep easier and dream bigger.

  • Amazing comfort when sleeping.
  • Fits easily into any bedroom interior.
  • Less sinking into the bed’s surface.
  • Be vigilant and keep a full gap when opening the mattress from the plastic, as it may hit people.

Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle, Adaptive Foam and Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress

At 10 inches in height, Nod hybrid is layered with 2 inches of T and N adaptive foam on tip, 1 inch of slow recovery foam, a covering of 6 pocket coils. The mattress has responsive but not too soft material while being supportive yet firm. Finally, it’s covered by ventilated fabric to keep you cool all night long without worry about the cost.

Nod and Tuft & Needle are committed to making comfortable, eco-friendly mattresses with a 10-year restricted guarantee. They offer two excellent options for you: the NOD Hybrid that bridges between traditional spring mattresses and modern foam mattresses so that back sleepers or side sleepers can experience pressure relief from our innovative foam blended innerspring; as well as the classic comfort of an innerspring at Best For Back Sleepers And Side Sleeps. All products come with this great guarantee plus they might “hop” but just wait until it fully expands – within 72 hours your new bed will be ready!

  • Supportive yet firm.
  • The ventilated fabric keeps you cool all night.
  • Eco-friendly mattress.
  • Not too soft material.
  • The cover cannot be removed.
  • It can only be spot-cleaned.

Suiforlun Queen Mattress – 12 Inch Luxury Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

Sleep in style with the Suiforlun 12 inch hybrid mattress. With a quilted pillow top and 3-zone pocket springs support base, this bed provides consistent comfort for your body weight to be distributed evenly throughout while still ensuring that you are naturally aligned so as not to cause pain or discomfort!

It’s great for those who suffer from back pains due to its medium-firm feel which is perfect when it comes time to wake up feeling refreshed instead of sore like before. It’s perfect for every type of person: back, side, stomach etc.

768 individual coils move independently to reduce motion transfer and prevent roll-together while offering deep down support where you need it most. Whether you allow a bed with your companion or dogs, they won’t be disturbed by the movement of these coils. Two rows on firmer coils are encased around the mattress border for edge stability – meaning that no matter what position we’re in when falling asleep, our sleep is always supported!

Cooler than all-foam beds because breathable coverings allow air circulation: We can feel cooler than ever before as 3D spacer mesh fabrics provide better airflow which means more cooling power at night!

This queen mattress is squashed, neatly arranged and transported in a box for easy shipping and delivery. After unboxing it will take up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand so make sure you have enough time before unpacking your new bed! Suiforlun offers a 120 risk-free nights trial which means that if after 3 months of sleeping on this product you are not satisfied with how well-rested or comfortable the product has made you feel then they’ll pick it back up and refund every penny spent.

  • Great for back pain people.
  • Breathable coverings.
  • Prevents rolling.
  • It takes time to expand (about 72 hours).
  • The mattress is heavy, delivery costs a lot.

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid  Mattress

The 10-inch hybrid mattress is a combination of fixed alignment and the relief of memory foam for a normal feel. It projects a deep layer of memory foam that establishes to your curves, removing any pressure areas in order to make you more comfortable while sleeping. This is a perfect one for side and back sleepers.

Compressed and shipped conveniently in boxes with easy setup instructions, this universally comfortable mattress makes relaxing as simple as possible by providing three different firmness options: Medium Firm 8 inches (38 pounds), Medium 10 inches (51 lbs) or Plush 12 Inches which also has gel infusions and individually encased coils.

Some of your new mattress’s packaging may have small brown patches called carbons. These are harmless pieces of plastic and will not stick to your mattress; 10 years limited warranty

Some people believe that these carbon bits, or ‘flecks’, come from the process used in creating cardboard boxes for mattresses–they’re made with heavy machinery which can create a lot of dust and tiny debris when they go through assembly lines. The key news is that it isn’t harmful at all! It won’t get stuck on you like some other particles might do (which we’ll talk about later), but if you’re really worried then just vacuum them up after unpacking everything else–it should be enough to keep those little guys away during transit.

  • Conforms to your curves.
  • Compressed ones are so easy for shipping.
  • Bulky.
  • Takes up a lot of area when put out.

Factors to consider for buying Innerspring Mattress for Side Sleepers

Sleeping Position

When you’re looking for a new bed, the most important thing to consider is your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back or stomach in bed at home then buying an innerspring mattress will be best because they provide more support than memory foam mattresses which are better if one sleeps mostly on their side while in them.

Side sleeping actually helps align the spine and decompress discs and joints instead of compressing them as other positions do, which is good for side sleepers! Side sleepers need to look for mattresses that have a thicker centre area because they tend to roll over in their sleep and thus must be fully supported all the way through the night.


Don’t just assume that expensive innerspring mattresses will have the longest warranty period. You’ll need to read your mattress’ documentation of its limitations and what is covered by it so you can get a better idea if this bedding set fits well with your needs!

Always stay up-to-date on how long warranties last when buying an innerspring mattress, as they differ from company to company for different reasons such as cost or quality. Don’t make assumptions about which one would be best because each has its own restrictions including damages/defects needed before replacement occurs. It’s important not only to research but also to speak with customer service reps who are knowledgeable about them to ensure you’re getting exactly what meets all of your requirements.

Customer Reviews

There are many innerspring mattress reviews available today, but they can be hard to sift through. Mattress Firm has compiled customer feedback ratings on all their products so that you know what is going to work for your budget and needs the best! Plus, it’s easy enough with a few taps on the mouse or on your smartphone screen-all without leaving home!

If you’re still not sure which one will suit you best after browsing these top-rated mattresses, social media sites like Facebook may help. People often use this platform as another avenue when purchasing furniture online because it offers advice from friends who have tried out different types of springs before making their decision.

Returns/Trial Periods

Sleeping on a mattress for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience, but this opinion may change after sleeping in it several nights. If you’re worried about tossing and turning all night because your body isn’t comfortable with how soft or hard its surface is against yours, some stores offer “comfort trials.” These allow customers to sleep in their new bed around 30 days before they make up their mind as to whether or not they want to return it – though some stores charge restocking fees.

Brand Value

Innerspring mattresses are one of the few brands that offer a wide variety of comfort levels. For this reason, people prefer innerspring over other sleep surfaces and will continue to do so for years to come! If you’re looking for your next mattress purchase, visit sites like Mattress Firm online or go on-site at local dealerships such as them!

Inner springs have become much more popular nowadays thanks to their ability to provide many different sleeping conditions. With an innerspring bedding surface it’s possible to get something soft enough if you want but also firm when needed too; truly perfect no matter what situation is thrown at us during our day (or night).


These are a small quantity of our best picks for side sleepers. The eco-friendly mattresses are designed to fit any body type. Whether you lay on your back area or side posture, they will provide the support and comfort you need. They also make less effort to move with and come with sturdy handles for ease of transportation.

A few of them can be used on a camping trip or during an emergency in the home when additional support is needed. These products are made from quality materials that will last longer than you would expect.

They aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re natural. They include memory foam that is hypoallergenic for those with allergies as well! With all these possibilities available, it can be difficult to conclude which one after all suits your basics–but don’t worry because help is here!

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