Best Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress Reviews

7 Best Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress Reviews 2021

A coil mattress is familiarly called a pocket coil mattress. You may also see some variations told as “open coils”. Like innerspring mattresses, the springs of this type provide support for you while sleeping.

When comparing an innerspring vs. a pocket spring mattress, it’s important to note that they have different designs and purposes: where an inner-spring has one unitary core made up of connected springs (similar to how most people imagine them), the pockets are separate from each other on top but all wrapped together at the bottom so that only fabric covers individual units rather than steel like with standard inside or outside wire models (making these more comfortable).

Coil mattresses are the best choice for those who want to sleep peacefully. They have coils that hold up better than innerspring mattresses, and they’re less noisy so you won’t disturb your partner while sleeping on them.

Top Picks for Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress

Ssecretland 14 inch Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Mattress

The Ssecretland 14 inch Individually Wrapped Coils mattress is crafted with hundreds of individual springs that are sturdy and durable. A 3D soft knitted fabric covers the top for added comfort, while its support system features a tempered steel coil system to guarantee powerful support all around your body—from head to toe!

This 3D knitted dual-layer cover allows the mattress to breathe freely, giving you a restful sleep. The Coil system also permits additional airflow, so your breathing is never restricted while sleeping! A certified safe and chemical-free Mattress that’s great for allergy sufferers like me who are looking for an all-natural bedding solution – no more worries about formaldehyde or mercury from polyurethane foam causing havoc with my allergies.

  • High-quality materials used.
  • Allergen-free.
  • Additional air-flow.
  • It is a little stiff.
  • It would be better appreciable if it has handles at the ends for easier moving.

Molblly 10 inch Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Mattress

Do you want a Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress that ensures superior support for a good night’s rest? The Molblly Pocketed Coil 14 Inch Queen Size mattress is made from high quality, durable Pocketed coils with individually wrapped coil units. This pocket coil innerspring mattress features a 3D quilted top cover and an advanced ergonomic design, taking care of all your sleeping needs.

The Pocketed Coil system keeps you perfectly aligned thanks to the special design used; You get the refreshing feeling you need after a long day of work! It provides comfort and support all across your body—even reducing pressure points on sensitive areas such as shoulders or hips.

  • It has a great support system.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Firm and comfortable.
  • It takes time to unroll it completely.
  • It feels bigger than queen size.
  • It’s a little heavy.

Zinus 10 Inch Support Plus Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

Are you looking for a Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress that offers comfort and support? This Pocket Spring Hybrid mattress from Zinus is the ideal option. It features individually wrapped coils plus 8-inch high-density foam providing enhanced body contouring, pressure relief, and edge support.

It’s hypoallergenic—that means it’s dust mite and mould resistant! Using this Pocket spring mattress topper will help lighten your back ache and upgrade your nap quality. The Pocketed Coil system also responds superbly to movements; no matter how much you toss in bed, it doesn’t bounce back (which increases the lifespan of the mattress).

This mattress is great because it can be shipped and delivered in a box that’s easy to put together. And once you get the package, all you have to do is unbox, unfold, and wait for 72 hours until your bed starts expanding into its original shape! You’ll also receive our worry-free 10-year limited warranty so if anything happens with this product over time or when shipping there will always be someone here who wants to help fix any issues.

  • Great at relieving back issues.
  • Made with high-quality Pocketed coils.
  • It’s very firm and sturdy.
  • The mattress has a strong smell at first, but it goes away after some time.
  • It’s a little heavier.

JINGWEI 10 Inch King Mattress, Independently & Individually Wrapped Pocketed Encased Coil Pocket Spring Mattress

Do you want a Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress that feels like a dream?  The Pocketed coil mattress from Jingwei is the best place to get what you need! It features individually wrapped pocket coils which are Pocketed into Woven Fabric Covers- creating superior comfort and support for your body; this Pocketed coil innerspring mattress has 2 layers of Gel Foam, made with breathable cotton—providing an ultra-cooling effect.

This Pocket Spring Mattress is really firm, giving you great sleep. It reacts well to every movement too, so there’s no bounce when moving around inside it. The Pocket Springs ensure that they conform to the shape and weight of each individual taking a rest on it.

The JINGWEI mattress feels like a cloud and is easy to carry. It will arrive compressed, vacuum-sealed in an elegant box for your convenience. And it arrives with 10 years of warranty! So you can take comfort knowing that this purchase is well worth the money invested because their mattresses are durable and long-lasting which means they’re perfect if you have pets or kids who love to jump on beds like mine does (only I wish my bed was as comfy).

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Great edge support.
  • Durable Pocketed coils and Pocket Springs technology.
  • It’s firm, but not hard to sleep on.
  • It takes time to unroll.
  • It makes a rattling sound when you pass it.

Jingwei 12 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Mattress in a Box, Individually Pocket Coils for Motion Isolation & Cooler Sleep

Get your perfect sleep every night with JINGWEI Mattresses which are designed to give you the best of both worlds.

The 7-zone enhanced individual pocketed springs ensure that your body weight is evenly absorbed and distributed comprehensively from head to toe, while multi-layer foam makes it easy for you to relax when lying on this full innerspring mattress without worrying about back pain. Hundreds of independently working pockets let partners or pets move around during their sleep as they please so neither disturbs the other’s peaceful slumber any longer – what will be better than a sound sleep through the night?

Jingwei Mattress is a brand new way to sleep comfortably. The open-cell foam and ventilated design allow for temperature regulation while you’re sleeping, so that no matter what time of year it is or how humid your house gets, you’ll be as comfortable as can be!

You don’t have to worry about sweat or kids getting cold during hot weather because the Jingwei mattress has got everything in order with a breathable barrier and an adjustable cover for all seasons. Smartly shipped right out of the box at your doorstep, this bed frame fits most kinds of full beds – including flat frames and slats on top if necessary.

It’s a thoughtful idea to go through the details of  the warranty before you buy. This purchase includes hassle-free 30 Days Sleep Trial and 10-year Limited Warranty!

  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • Body weight is evenly distributed.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • It takes time to unroll.

Coolvie 10 Inch Comfy Cool Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

The Pocket Springs and Pocket Coils of the Coolvie Innerspring Mattress work together to provide you with restful sleep, without any tossing and turning throughout the night.

This technology target pressure points in your body as it conforms to support your head, back, shoulder, hips—wherever you need it most! You’re going to wake up feeling refreshed every morning because of this mattress’ cool temperature regulation thanks to the Gel Memory Foam on top which absorbs heat away from your body’s surface.

Don’t think twice about purchasing this Hybrid bed if you live in an area that tends to get really hot during summers or winters – its open-cell design allows air to pass through freely so that you’re not stuck beneath a sheet that can no longer breathe. The durable Foam and Pocketed coils ensure that your bed lasts for an extended period of time, while the Pocket Spring foundation is ideal for people who have pets or kids who tend to jump around on beds often – it’s strong enough to give them some bounce without flattening out.

The Coolvie Innerspring mattress helps to improve the overall quality of sleep for individuals who are suffering from back pain, arthritis or any other health problem that may be keeping them up at night. Because of its pressure-relieving structure, Pocketed Coils and Pocket Spring system greatly reduces the pressure on your joints, allowing you to rest more comfortably without having to toss and turn all night long.

  • No tossing and turning around sleep.
  • Heat absorption through gel foam.
  • Durable.
  • Has a chemical smell.

ZINUS 14 Inch Green Tea Cooling Swirl Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

As a Pocket Coil Innerspring Customer, don’t you want to sleep better at night? Then Zinus Mattresses is the thoughtful and apt choice for you. It offers Pocket Springs and Pocket Coils that offer Full Support from head to toe while remaining in place throughout the night – without any bouncy tendencies so your partner doesn’t wake up!

The Zinus Memory Foam on top keeps your body cool all through the night even with temperatures rising outside, as it absorbs heat away from your surface so that you aren’t stuck inside a sauna beneath your sheets anymore. The Green Tea Extracts are integrated into this mattress, which is known for its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, making it ideal for individuals who have been suffering from allergies. If you’ve ever had to go shopping around for a new mattress that doesn’t have any mould growth growing along the sides, then this particular one is most likely just what you’re looking for!

Sleep easy with this one-of-a-kind mattress that’s shipped in a single box and expands on its own. The worry-free 10-year limited warranty ensures your investment is protected for years to come, while the foam feel provides comfort without pressure points or sagging after each use.

No need to stress over transporting heavy furniture into your bedroom when you’re too tired from unpacking everything! This innovative plush bed comes rolled up inside of one package which can easily be manoeuvred anywhere by anyone – simply unbox it, unfold it where you want it (like right next to the TV), and watch as all 12 inches of luxury self inflate back into shape within 72 hours so that we both have a perfect sleep surface every night like no other!

  • No pressure points on the body.
  • Non-bounciness effect.
  • Antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
  • Some smell at first.

Factors to consider for buying Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress


Pocket coil mattresses are a popular option among sleepers who prefer the feel of metal coils. These types of beds often have cylindrical springs that reside inside fabric sheaths, however, some models have open spring designs with hour-glass shaped wires joining each other to create an overall soft and supportive design. Pockets for these coils can be found on any mattress type from innerspring to latex foam, but typically thickness varies depending on what you’re looking for (think medium firmness or plush).

The popularity behind pocket coil mattresses comes mostly from their resemblance to old school steel bed frames without all the fuss! The material also helps maintain temperature throughout night’s rest as it is able not only to stay cool when needed but warm when needed as well.


A coil mattress can last 10 or more years. Some experts suggest replacing it every eight-year, but others disagree and think that any changes in its shape are just a natural part of the ageing process.

The coils may have some wear and tear over time as you change positions during sleep on one side of the bed rather than another; this is due to gravity’s effect when weight shifts from your head down through your body to the other side where you’ll find less spring tension for support if not evenly distributed by design like traditional mattresses with vertical springs running lengthwise under them instead of horizontally across their surface which are far easier determined how much pressure they’re putting against these parts at any time given no way tell without using an expensive diagnostic tool whether individual coiled areas have become worn over time given they aren’t uniform in length. Pocket coil springs can also flex and warp due to the changing temperature of your muscles clenching and relaxing during the day which isn’t a problem with innerspring mattresses made from flat coils that can distribute weight evenly when necessary.

Have you ever observed that there are some spots in your bed where the mattress seems to sag? These can be frustrating because it’s not always easy or convenient to rotate a large mattress.

You have these options if you’re experiencing uneven sagging of the springs: You can simply turn your bed over so that new coils get evenly spaced out on top; You could flip it upside-down and sleep directly on the bottom side; Or lastly, if none of those solutions works for you, then maybe investing in another springy friend might give yours enough company (and support) until they feel better too.


Productive-priced pocket coil spring mattresses are in the $100-$300 scale, while class mid-grade copies are customarily in the neighbourhood of $500-$1,000. Though it is not an agenda for every pocket spring mattress, premium options can cost more than some high-end beds because they have features like memory foam or other materials to provide utmost support and care. These spring mattresses are not all created equal. They can be made with inexpensive materials and cost much less than other options, or they can be made with expensive materials and cost a lot more than other options.


Coil mattresses provide a comfortable and supported feeling with more support than the sinking memory foam.

Coil mattresses vary in firmness depending on their quality, but they all have one thing that sets them apart from other types of beds: coils move independently to create an even better supportive feel for your body while you sleep. Some people prefer this type of mattress because it is softer yet firmer at the same time due to springs that don’t let you sink into the bed as much when shifting positions or getting up during the night.

Customer Reviews

Most customers said their Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress was comfortable for both of them. They didn’t feel like they were sinking into the mattress while getting up at night and also liked how the surface wasn’t too hot when it was hot, yet still kept them warm if they got too cold during winter months.

They said that it did not have any off-gassing smell which was sometimes a problem with cheaper models due to using cheaper materials inside the layers of foam in products like these. A lot of people mentioned that the Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress is sturdy and durable as well as easy to move around to switch places with other mattresses or just even relocate from room to room in case another area needs some extra comfort.


Pocket coil spring mattresses are an investment, whether you choose a cheap one or an expensive one. But it is also something that you should expect to last for years if not decades, so take some time to read the reviews before making your decision. Pocket coil innerspring mattresses can be better than traditional innerspring ones since there’s more consistent support across their surface which doesn’t mean pocket coils don’t have different firmness levels as well though; that is why they’re slightly more expensive with consumers paying for stronger coils made from higher quality materials also resulting into more durable beds overall.

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