Which is better Pocket Spring or Coil Spring?

Pocket springs are individually wrapped coils that, unlike traditional innerspring systems which are interconnected and lumpy on top of each other below a comfort layer of foam or another material like memory foam. Pocket spring mattresses give you added contour for your backside by providing more pressure point relief than older models with no individual pockets dedicated exclusively to relieving different parts of the body as they move around throughout sleep time. Pocket coils are the future of mattresses. They provide more comfort with responsive and motion-controlled support, all while still providing you with great support. Pocket spring beds are a great way to get the best of both worlds. In most cases, there’s a layer on top made from memory foam or latex which will help provide shape and comfort for your head as well as give you that delicious contouring feel.

Coil spring mattresses use metal coils to provide resistance and support. Contemporary bedding uses pocket coil systems that are entirely independent of each other so there are fewer pressure points, the more coils used in this mattress mean better responsiveness for your body’s movements. The coils in older spring mattresses provide good support across the entire surface, but they can be uncomfortable because of how much force it takes to sleep on them. In addition to being soft, most coil spring mattresses also have memory foam or some other type of bedding that provides a smooth surface for sleeping on.

Pros of a Pocket spring  mattress

1. Pocket spring mattress use individual springs that are surrounded by their own fabric pockets which contains the springs. This allows the body to contour around the shape of the pocket spring making it more comfortable than other models like traditional innerspring mattresses.

2. Pocket spring mattress provides good support for your lower back due to its pressure point relief. The coil exerts equal pressure across your body allowing you to experience better comfort while sleeping on your stomach or side compared to foam beds where there is no firmness fill up at all, just compression. Because pocket spring mattresses have coils underneath a layer of latex or memory foam, they can be firmer than other types of mattresses providing extra support and again pressure point relief.

3. Preferably, you will not need to flip your mattress every 6 months like coil spring models because they are less likely to sag. This saves you money since you don’t have to buy another one.

4. Pocket spring model does not attract dust mites nor collect dead skin cells on its surface providing a healthier sleeping environment for your family members or pets.

Cons of a Pocket spring  mattress

1. Pocket spring mattress has a lower coil count than standard innerspring models which can be felt while lying on your back. Lower coils will not contour to the shape of your body because there is more air space between you and it plus more foam or another upholstery layer that separates pocket springs from a top latex layer. This causes a slightly less firm sleeping surface although this doesn’t affect support for your back, hip, and shoulder areas since these are supported by the pocket springs keeping them separated from each other under the comfort layers.

2. Pocket spring mattresses use a fabric covering instead of vinyl or some other material usually found on coil beds which makes them cost more than regular inners mattresses if you want one with a removable cover.

3. Pocket spring mattresses can be more expensive than some coil models which is good for back and stomach sleepers but not as good for side sleepers because it has fewer coils on the mattress’s edges allowing you to slightly sink in when lying down on your side.

Pros of Coil spring mattress:  

1. Coil systems are usually cheaper than pocket springs allowing you to save money while choosing your ideal bedding instead of spending more on comfort layers like memory foam, latex, natural fibers, or an organic cotton blend.

2. Coil models have a longer lifespan than pocket beds because they provide a firmer sleeping surface that lasts longer without sagging compared to pocket spring matt with fewer coils underneath their upholstery layer.

3. Coil spring bedding can be flipped more than pocket or other types of mattresses to extend their lifespan and maintain a more even surface for your body.

4. Their firmness makes them equally comfortable for all sleeping positions allowing you to choose between the softest coil model available, medium firmness, and ultra-firm as well as traditional innerspring models like pillow top and plush.

Cons of Coil spring mattress:   

1. With the same number of coils as pocket spring beds, they will provide less support than traditional innerspring models which can be felt while lying on your back and not as good for stomach sleeping since more coils allow you to experience better pressure relief and contouring around body curves.

2. Coil models with coils spiraling under a foam layer provide less support due to the air space between the springs and comfort upholstery layers which reduces contouring and firmness, especially when lying down on your side or back. This causes you to experience some slight sagging because it is softer than other coil types but this is alleviated with rotation every few months like all brands require you to do before their warranty expires.  

3. Some coil beds use a lower quality material than pocket spring models and cost more than regular innerspring beds because their coils are made from tempered steel or an inferior quality of wire with poorer resistance to sagging which you can feel when rotating your mattress before its warranty expires. You will also find that they are not as durable or last as long compared to standard coil models.


Both coil and pocket spring designs are good for people who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach but not side because of less support in firmness. They provide higher resilience than foam beds, especially memory foam which you need to press into before it responds to your body contour when lying down. Pocket springs are softer than traditional innerspring coils but provide better pressure relief while sleeping either on your back or front which is important if you suffer from aches or pains that require this type of comfort layer.

Coil mattress springs offer greater durability than pocket mattresses with fewer coils under upholstery layers which makes them cheaper than other types of beds with the same number of coils underneath their comfort layers. Although they won’t lift up like a pillow top, they provide a healthy amount of bounce that makes them feel springier and firmer than regular innerspring beds. They also have a longer lifespan due to their sturdiness and ability to be flipped more often so you won’t have to worry about purchasing another bed if yours becomes too soft or sags from regular use.

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